Jul 25

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It’s time for decent people to say ‘enough’

OK – so you’ve got a serious beef against a government, a next-door nation, the west, the east or some point in between. But, don’t kill their children. Don’t kill the innocents.

The image of balaclava-wearing rebels in the Ukraine touting ‘gee-I’m-tough’ weaponry and generally being obnoxious around the wreckage of Malaysia Airline Flight MH17 is difficult to bear. Do they not know that in all probability it was their brutes who slaughtered 80 children? Do they not know that in all probability they have murdered 298 people? Do they not know that there were good people on that aircraft … very good people?

Too many men – and it’s mainly men, love to dress up in ‘you-can’t-see-me’ fighting outfits. Too many like showing off very big ‘I-can-kill-you’ guns. Too many have a brain switched off by indoctrination, avarice or power. This toxic combination of power, stupidity and a schooling in hate, is resulting in a carnage that must be stopped.

It is time for decent people to say ‘enough’. We need to declare spiritual condemnation on those using religious texts to excuse atrocity. We need to declare legal condemnation on those who murder civilians – whether by a western drone, middle-eastern suicide vest or by using somebody’s rocket. They should not be allowed to entertain the possibility of being rewarded by God or man.

Let Islamic leaders declare that those blowing themselves up will not go to heaven. Let Christian leaders declare that committing acts of inhumanity on foreign soil to appease friendly nations will not be read as defensible by history in the future or sensible people now.

Those who hide in houses as they fire their rockets need that neighbourhood to say ‘Enough: Go fire your rockets from your own home. We will not support you.’ Those that shoot girls who want to learn, need a community that starves them of support. Those that crash exploding trucks need to be told they will not inherit paradise. They will inherit perdition.

This Commander of the self-proclaimed ‘Donetsk People’s Republic, Igor Girkin, otherwise known as, ‘The Shooter’, and the one who allegedly posted on social media, ‘We did warn you – do not fly in our sky’, needs to be trussed up by his own people and delivered into the hands of those seeking justice. For as long as he is protected, he is supported not by heroes of a worthy cause, but by cowards suspected of killing children and many others besides.

The Donetsk Peoples’ Republic was largely unknown by most people. Now it has revealed itself as an organisation potentially given to the mass murder of innocents. What do the people of Donetsk think about that? What are they going to do about it?

As a person, as a nation, we are defined by the choices we make. What are Australians doing about children ‘behind the wire’ in our detention centres? What are the citizens of Gaza doing about the children beside their rocket launchers? What are Ukrainians doing about children falling from the sky?

It’s time for decent people to say ‘enough’.

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