Feb 05

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Integrity and Truth

I received news today that police charges against one of the Year 10 students from The King’s School on exchange to Scotland last year have been dropped.

Knowing something about the case, I expected this decision and believe it to be entirely appropriate.

None-the-less, there are lessons from this matter that the School will study carefully in order to ensure its boys exercise the grace and integrity expected of them, whether they be engaged in ambassadorial duties overseas or not.

It will be interesting to see whether this same grace and integrity will characterise Fairfax Media in reporting this case hereon.  Thus far, they have publicly questioned the culture of the School, the competence of its Headmaster and the integrity of the boy.  The Sydney Morning Herald implied the boy should have been expelled even though the allegations were not yet proven.  This would have been a grave miscarriage of justice.

The damage done by the unbalanced reporting of this case by Fairfax Media has been considerable.  This is regrettable and all the more so given that both the Sydney Morning Herald and The King’s School have enjoyed over 180 years of co-operation, with the School contributing richly to educational debate within its pages.  There appears to be an appetite within Fairfax Media for the denigration of some of Australia’s leading schools.  I hope this case might foster a review of this situation and cause things to change.

Reputation is a fragile thing.  We must all, newspapers and schools alike, seek to honour those we serve with integrity and truth.

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  1. Jeffrie Trika

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