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No father should have to give a eulogy for a son.  It should be the other way around.  It usually is – but not for Ralph Kelly.  In The King’s School Chapel and supported by over 500 mourners, a shattered family farewelled a murdered son – Thomas Andreae Kelly (1994-2012).

At the funeral, we heard about a young man who loved life, was prepared to be a bit different, and was charting a successful future since graduating from King’s in 2011.  Then, someone hit him.  Thomas let go his girlfriend’s hand and fell to the ground.  Two days later, Thomas’ life support system was switched off.  One of our own had been murdered.

The senselessness of the attack has shocked a nation.  If this can happen to a good boy from a good family – where does it leave the rest of us?  No-one is safe.  There is evil in this world, evil that considers hitting people an acceptable social sport.

Doubtless, the alleged killer will claim innocence.  If that doesn’t work, there’s mitigating circumstances, then diminished responsibility.  After that, there’s the usual clichéd liturgy of excuses.  Under-parenting, drop-out from school, no fixed address, in the company of the others who like head-butting cameramen, addicted to binge-drinking, occasional user of prohibited drugs – you know the sort of thing …

All this may, or may not be true – but here is something that IS true.  Background stuff may help us to understand the killer’s behaviour, but it doesn’t excuse it.  There’s a huge difference.

OK – the cowardly blow (allegedly from behind for goodness sake!) on the totally unsuspecting victim, was probably not meant to kill Thomas.  But, I find this excuse totally inadequate.  If you play Russian Roulette, you know you may get killed.  If you run red lights, you know you may get killed or kill someone.  If you hit people hard, you know you may hurt or kill them.  That’s why civilised people don’t do these things.

There is evil abroad – the sort of evil that walks into picture theatres and shoots people; that straps on suicide vests; that expresses manhood by hitting people.  Society must now be outraged.  We must advocate proper parenting.  We must ensure schools no longer wallow in moral ambiguity.  We must support our police rather than let them become used for target-practice by the criminal class and by some within the legal profession.

Evil people rarely understand that they are evil.  The alleged killer of Thomas Kelly had friends who said it was all media beat-up.  When I looked at Thomas’ coffin, I could not agree.  It was a senseless tragedy – a crime committed by a dangerously stupid member of our community.  It’s time good people said ‘enough’!

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  1. John Tourish

    Dear Tim,
    Thank you for the comments regarding the recent Tom Kelly matter. I actually found the article on Luke and
    Matthew’s face book site(s).
    John Tourish

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